Smartphones make us more productive. From GPS aware farm management to digital spirit levels, applications can improve the way we work. RuggedPhones™ aim to bring you the convenience of rugged phone smartphone functionality to working environments in which ordinary smartphones don't survive.

RuggedPhones™ are proud to partner with Cat® Phones andd Titan to bring the best of rugged mobile to Africa.

If you’re looking for a rugged phone to be by your side in your work or your adventurous lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place.  

If you work in the construction sector as a farmer, or an electrician; we’re confident one of our rugged phones will be right for you.  Take your time, browse through our selection of rugged smartphones to find the best one to suit your needs.  

Our selection is based not only on the smartest and most rugged but also on reliability and commitment to local support. When your phone is integral to what you do; you need this peace of mind.

Drop proof, dustproof and waterproof

You read right.  Our rugged phones carry all sorts of features, drop proof, dustproof and waterproof being just three of the main features people are making the move to a rugged phone.  More than IP68, our devices are compatible with MIL STD 810g which also means they are drop proof up to 1.8m and can handle extreme heat and cold.

If you like getting your hands dirty a rugged phone is the right choice for you.   


The worlds first smartphone with an integrated thermal imaging camera. Detect leaking pipes in walls or intruders in your garden at night. Anything that gives of a heat signature is visible to the Cat® S60 

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Titan vs Man

Just for fun we put a consenting idiot through some trials to see if he was tougher than a rugged phone. We test impact protection, water resistance and various other trials no ordinary phone can survive. 

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Titan 7R

Finally a tablet you can take anywhere your work or lifestyle takes you. If you need a bigger screen to get the job done but need to be outdoors in the rain, mud or dust. This is the perfect tool for you.

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